03 January

Choosing a Phone Plan in Australia

Without a doubt, your phone will be the most useful thing you take to Aussie >> maps, camera, booking hostels, music, booking buses, finding good foodie spots, booking tickets and tours on the go. You name it, your phone is definitely something you’ll want to take with you!

Wifi is pretty reliable in cafes and hostels but it’s always good to be connected if there’s any bumps in the road! Read on for our top tips of how to use your phone in Aussie >>

Getting Started

You’ll need to get your phone unlocked before leaving home {this is essential or when you get here you won’t be able to put the sim in your phone!}. If you are already on the 3 network you are onto a winner because you can use that sim in aussie for up to 2 months – note you will only be able to use data not local calls and texts.

Choose a plan

Well.. there are alot to choose from for sure! You’ll hear a lot about Telstra and Vodafone, Telstra has the best coverage but it’s the most expensive and Vodafone works best in Melbourne and Sydney. However.. In true RatPack money savvy style >> we’ve found the cheapest and best network around, Aldi! Yup, the shop, so here in Aussie we have Aldi which is also crazy helpful for food shopping on a budget but also they do budget phone plans, SPOILER >> these guys actually use the telstra network so you’ll get the same great coverage at a lower price. Pick up a sim in store for $5 and then you’ll be able to choose an epic value package and top up.

Check out the screenshots below of the packages:

“You can do everything online including topping up and choosing your next package, you can also check how much data you have using the aldi app”

Time to plan the adventure?

Hit us up if you are in need of any ideas or want us to plan your trip >> The RatPack crew have been there and done it and now are passing on what we’ve learnt to you!


Want us to plan it for you?  

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