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things to do in gold coast australia

Where do we begin!

This party city has both that city vibe and sick beaches, check out the local theme parks & water parks on the Gold Coast or spend your time partying in one of the many bars or clubs in Surfers Paradise. If you have had enough beach time and want something that NO other town offers then hit the theme parks – pay on the day and get WET n WILD.

Where is it?

Very South Queensland

Get these ON your bucketlist...

  • Surf {of course!}
  • Go to one of the Themeparks – Dreamworld or Movieworld
  • Get WetnWild!
  • Helicopter ride over the city
  • Whale watching {between July-oct}
  • Go up the Q1 Skypoint tower

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Free things to do here:

  • Watch the surfers
  • Cruise around the city
  • Check out some of the other beaches – broadbeach & tweed
  • Hit up some of the free events, this city is host to loads of awesome events so keep an eye out for free concerts!

Hostel recommendations:

  • BUNK – this place has a hot tub and a pool, need we say more?? It has a good social vibe with a good kitchen and common area

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Foodie Spots...

  • Vapianos – italian made right infront of you
  • Lord of the fries – you won’t believe us when we tell you that this joint is actually totally vego

Hit the town...

  • Jump on one of the pub crawls and hit up a range of clubs & bars >> Sincity, bedroom & retros to name a few…. be warned these places are LOOSE

Top tips for Gold Coast

Gold Coast is an area like no other on the East Coast, with its city vibes and Miami feel its got something for everything! Don’t get the ‘Gold Coast’ confused with the East Coast though >> we hear that alot! The Gold Coast is a small area just below Brisbane…

  • RatPacker Sophie recommends: if you go up the Q1 skypoint tower – go for brekkie! It’s $10 more than normal entry and it’s unlimited for 2 hours!
  • Don’t get suckered in by the flyers on the main street.
  • If you don’t have time for the Gold Coast don’t panic > even a day is enough here!
  • The Greyhound bus station is right in the centre of town and walking distance to most hostels

Our Top Tips


  • Bunk Surfers Paradise

Day Tours

  • Movie World
  • Wet N Wild
  • Whale Watching


  • Sin City
  • Retros
  • Bedroom


  • Vapianos
  • Lord of the Fries
  • The Island
  • Sandbar

Hidden Gems

  • Q1 Skypoint – not exactly hidden but a gem!
  • Burleigh Heads


  • Mount Warning
  • Burleigh Heads National Park
  • Cedar Creek

How long?

1-2 Days

We recommend allowing yourself just a couple of days in Gold Coast! 

Where next?

  • Travelling down? Byron Bay
  • Travelling up? Fraser Island or Brisbane
things to do in gold coast australia

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things to do in gold coast australia


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