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A few questions we get asked alot is ‘ How do I budget for my trip’ and ‘Do you do a package deal’…

Instead of deciding which ‘Package’ to book instead think of what activities and locations you’d like to visit and then seek some info & advice from someone who has actually been there and done it. On the East Coast of Oz, there are 4 main spots you can’t miss as a backpacker:

  • Fraser Island
  • The Whitsunday Island
  • Skydiving
  • and of course, the Great Barrier Reef

There are many styles of tour for each amazing destination so it’s vital you pick the tour that’s best suited to your vibe. What we do at RatPack is mostly only offer trips that you can’t do your self… 

Ready to find out our recommendations from backpackers who have been there and done it?!

Lets roll...

Customer turned RatPack Team member Sophie decided to hit Oz on a 12-month working holiday visa… although she had bags of time SW decided she wanted to see the East Coast first before finding work.

She requested a Free Personalised Calendar from us to get the ball rolling… Check out the example calendar below to get an idea of how we’d help!

NOTE: anything that is highlighted in green we can discount – making it cheaper than you booking direct. The first draft calendar will never be perfect but it’s a good starting point to get some ideas flowing…

Sophie's Trip

After saving up for a number of months back in the UK, Sophie arrived in Cairns raring to go… after finding her ‘Zen’ (for anyone that doesn’t know SW is the queen of Zen) around the lagoon and venturing around the City and surrounding areas.

The Great Barrier Reef was the first trip she wanted to tick off that hit list.

We always try and offer the best / most affordable experiences and that’s exactly what we were able to do. We recommended going to an awesome section of the Reef with Passions of Paradise…

Their vessel is a catamaran style boat, the vibe and food is epic and best of all we were able to discount her trip by 10% and offer her a scuba dive option for just $45!!!

Magnetic Island

In between Cairns and Airlie Beach, why not take in those island vibes on Maggie…

This is an absolute Beaut spot with a flexible ferry that departs from the Sea Link Ferry terminal every hour.

A 2 day 2 night stay at Base Magnetic Island hostel will cost $118 – this price includes, a return ferry transfer, 2 nights in a hostel, 1 breakfast & a dinner.

The Whitsundays

Sophie opted for a super social BackPacker option – with 30 guests and 3 crew New Horizon was the perfect match! Best of all it was off season so we were able to apply more than a 10% discount! This included all her food, accommodation, snorkel equipment & paddle boards : )

Fraser Island

1770 and Agnes Waters was the next stop… Cool Banana’s hostel dishes up good chilled beach vibe before heading to Fraser Island.

A safari tag along tour for 3 days & 2 nights is the most common BackPacker option. Inspired after seeing Mollie Bylett’s YouTube video >>> Nomads Fraser trip dished up the perfect super social BackPacker experience for Soph.

The safari tag along adventure is an epic way to visit the island. You can stay in tents or if you prefer to stay in hostel accommodation

Next up....

After Fraser, Soph chilled in Noosa had a quick stop in Brisbane before hitting Byron Bay – Home of the RatPack Banter Bus (I mean our office). When you’re in the bay come and hit us up for a Bevvvvvvvy.

When you are here there are epic little trips that you can do like surfing, kayaking with dolphins and days out to Nimbin – there is no need to pre-book these way ahead of time so you can cruisssssse that section of the trip : ) and then on the road to Sydney!


Transport and Hostels

Sophie used the super easy and great value Greyhound Buses! At the time of her trip the Greyhound Hop on and off pass was most suitable but since the launch of the WHIMIT passes we’d recommend a 30 day WHIMIT pass if you are planning to do a similar trip to the above!

She also booked all of her hostels via hostelworld by getting recommendations from us and from other backpackers she met on the way.

There you have it..

We helped Soph have an epic time on her trip and kicked things off by creating a calendar which included her hitlist of locations, hit us up for your very own free calendar including expert tips including:

  • Where to start and end your trip
  • How long to spend in each spot
  • The best tour recommendations
  • Hostel and activity recommendations

Ready for the adventure?

Chat to our Team

We operate a 24/7 service across multiple time zones. Our RatPackers have all been there and done it! Get the ball rolling on your upcoming trip. Send over your rough travel plans (including your flight details / dates). If you are yet to book a flight and seeking advice – HIT US UP ↡

Ready for the adventure??

Hit us up and lets MAKE it happen yewwwwwwww

The RatPack crew are here for you every step of the way!


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Our team love to eat cookies! We’ve added them to the site to improve your experience, we’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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