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Hey, I'm Jules (Germany)

AKA Multilingual Travel Expert



Nope, old school baby…


37 ~ as I said, old school baby : )

Where’s home:

Home is where my passport is…

My roots lie in East Germany but I’ve spent most of my life on the road travelling.

At the moment you’ll find me and my backpack in the Netherlands… proudly representing RPT Europe HQ : )

Languages Spoken

My German might be a bit rusty but I can adapt every accent : )

Thanks to Sex and the City and working with my favourite brit boyyyyss : ) english became my second language over the years.

I can also order my coffee in spanish, french and dutch… and that’s all I need to survive.

Time spent in Australia:

On and off since 1st February 2006 ~ yes, I remember the date.
The beginning of a wonderful love affair…

A little about me…

Growing up behind a wall definitely shaped my longing for freedom.

Travelling was never so much about the destination but more a kind of lifestyle. The classic travel bug… once you’ve started you can’t stop.

I’ve studied Journalism in Germany and initially came to Sydney to work for a newspaper… Before I knew it I found myself in a camper driving up the coast kicking all good intentions of a normal life out of the window…

Instead of working for the newspaper, I wrote a book about my travels (Stempelmädchen. Freiheit im Gepäck. (https://cutt.ly/NrSftjw) and started helping others exploring this side of the world.

Australia has always been the closest to what I’d call home and I love sharing this passion with everyone out there…

Favourite spot in Australia:

There’s something about Byron Bay. It’s one of those rare places where I can be my true hippie self and live my life how I want to ~ barefoot.

But my heart will always be down south… I’m a Sydney-sider through and through. Life’s a beach and we have 150 of them – take that Melbourne : )

Best moment in Australia:

Somewhere in Queensland, 3 am in the morning, I’m waking up from shaky movements and squeaky noises in our camper and I’m about to have a go at my friends for having fun…

Further investigations revealed a pair of wombats rubbing themselves extensively under our camper… loving life! That moment when a wombat looks at you angrily for interrupting his favourite thing and keeps on going for hours – priceless.

Backpacking tips:

I have to quote Jack Kerouac on that one…

And don’t be sorry.”

Type of traveller:

Curious & happy with the simple things… feet in the sand and head in the clouds…

I can’t help but wonder what the world looks like from the top of a mountain.


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Our team love to eat cookies! We’ve added them to the site to improve your experience, we’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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