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The Office. The Bus.

If you follow us on Insta or FB you might have noticed that we don’t do things ‘normally’ here at RatPack and we like to change UP the travel game…. And we’re not messing about with our ‘office’ aka the The RatPack HQ, a 1970’s renovated bus that we bounce around Byron Bay in. The ultimate banter bus, where else can you combine creating epic trips for backpackers with having banter with RatPackers when they pop in and being able to run off for a surf in breaks??

Our HQ on wheels..

We had a travel shop in a hostel in Byron Bay from 2016 to late 2017 where RatPack Travel was born… long story short this hostel went from being independently owned and run to being part of one of the big hostel chains in Aussie which also meant we had to find a new home… There was no way we were gonna get a high street shop {not our style} so we figured let’s SWITCH it up and create something like no other >> practise what we preach boiiiiiiiiiiii. Being mobile and a remote working crew this allows us to have lower overheads which means we can pass on our savings to you in the form of E P I C discounts.

The bus story

We got on the hunt for a bus, and easier said than done… it took us a while to find the perfect one and after seeing plenty of buses all over Aussie we {me and big Andy} eventually found the Toyota Coaster that would go on to be the RatPack HQ. It needed some work {ALOT} but with the help of the Byron bois and bruvski, who conveniently are skilled when it comes to the hands on renovating stuff.

We totally ripped out the whole inside of the bus and converted it into a office/lounge chill out hub, added in floorboards, a sofa, lights, personalised plates and it became the next step for RatPack Travel…. We worked with a local artist who is an old school legend when it comes to sign painting, he came up with all the typeface thats on the outside of the bus, can you believe everything you see today was hand painted???


Moving from the travel shop to our HQ on wheels was a MASSIVE step for the RatPack crew… and only the start of whats to come for this game changer.


Where can you find us?

We are based in the incredible Byron Bay, just south of Brissy you’ll find this epic spot, if you are cruising the east coast it should be right up there on your list for sure. Most days you’ll find us {in the HQ} hanging out at Main Beach, the perfect spot for being right by the beach, taking in those summmmer vibes and hearing the local acoustic dudes perform. Whilst we do alot of our work online we still have our physical presence and if you are in Byron swing by and hang with us in the HQ for some bants, we can help you plan your trip and get you discounts yewwwwwww.

The RatPack crew have all been backpackers and now want to pass on our knowledge to you.. Including epic discounts. We can get you the best discounts in the game because we’ve created relationships with all the tour operators and because we don’t have any overheads aka bills to pay from having an office, we can pass this discount on to you! The crew are legends when it comes to planning trips, we’ll create you a totally personalised calendar and will compare the online rates for your timeframe and let you know the most affordable and best rated options.

Want us to plan your trip for you? Click here to request a free calendar When hitting up Aussie cruising by camper is the ONE.. we are all about that roadie life here at RatPack… We know how confusing it can be with all the different options so we and camper king bruvski will run a full comparison on all the campers making sure you get the best deal possible yewwwwwwwwwClick here to let us know your start and end locations and dates

The HQ



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Our team love to eat cookies! We’ve added them to the site to improve your experience, we’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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