Super easy, so picking up and dropping off the campervan rental is similar to that of a check-in and check-out time at a hotel. Depending on the camper company we help you book the times will vary. With most companies, you can pick it up anytime from 10 am onwards.

You can arrive at the depot earlier if you wish however the camper company can not guarantee the campervan will be ready as they need to service and clean the vehicle from the previous customer. If the campervan is ready and the documents are signed then they will be more than happy to of course release the camper earlier to you : )

The drop-off time can then be anytime before the close of business. This with most companies is between 3 and 4 pm in the afternoon on the final day. When we make the final reservation for you we will ensure that we supply the exact times to you.


Katie Dutta – UK
October 17, 2022