Read our handy guide on the current campervan parking rules in Australia to ensure you can keep cruising with no dramas or fines.  

The most insane way to travel around Aus is in a “sweet as” camper. 

And it’s not surprising when we see 770,000 camper and caravan registrations made in 2021 alone!

But for those who don’t know, the parking situ isn’t quite as chilled as the vibes you get from Aus. There are a few rules to address before you hit the road. 

So, strap yourself in for a quick debrief, and we’ll get you on your way asap rocky!

Campervan rental in Australia.
Australia road trip with a campervan.

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1. Can you park a campervan anywhere in Australia?

Before we get into specifics, let’s clear up some basics, such as where you can park and when. 

It’s pretty chilled down under, but like in any country, you can’t just park where you like. Australia has parking laws and regulations that mean you can only park in legally permitted areas. 

For example, private property is off-limits unless the owner permits you. (I know this seems condescending and overly pedantic, but you never know sometimes.)

Other unpermitted areas include pedestrian zones, bicycle lanes, and certain downtown city districts, but we can get into all that later. 

2. Where can you park a campervan overnight in Australia?

Australian law states you cannot stop and sleep anywhere in your camper unless it’s a specific place that allows you. 

No matter how tired you are or how long you’ve been driving, pulling over to sleep without checking if it’s okay can result in hefty fines and parking bans. Not cool.

Some permitted areas where you can park your camper overnight include: 

  • National parks 
  • Holiday parks 
  • State forests
  • Campsites 
  • Motorhome sites 
  • RV-friendly towns 
  • Roadside campervan camping 
  • Beachside areas 

However, not all these types of places will allow you to stay overnight either. It just depends on the specific rules of each location. So, we suggest you book a spot beforehand.

Failing that, make an enquiry or do some research to be sure.

Coastal road trip in Australia.
Outback road trip in Australia.

3. Is there free campervan parking in Australia?

You bet! Australia has thousands of free camping parking areas available and you can find them here. Parking and sleeping for free is a great way to save money on accommodation while staying in some super scenic spots. 

All you need to do is plan your journey to guarantee the smooth sailing of arriving at one free camping spot before moving on to the next. But just like permitted parking for your campervan, free campervan parking is only allowed in specific areas. 

Therefore, make sure you do your research before pulling up, kicking back, and setting up camp for the night. 

Having gathered you can’t just park or stay overnight in your camper anywhere, let’s get into the crux of the campervan parking rules in more detail. 

4. Road signs

Seems obvious, but please read the road signs. 

Because if you’re cruising into a city for a day trip and fancy stopping off somewhere to grab a bite, it pays to know what the road signs mean to avoid shelling out on a pricey ticket that can eat into your travelling budget. 

So, here are some parking road signs you should watch out for:

  • No Stopping – No stopping your vehicle unless because of traffic conditions. 
  • No Standing – You can stop your car only for three minutes while remaining inside. 
  • No Parking – Your vehicle cannot be left unattended. 

The green letter “P” parking signs mean you’re allowed to park for certain times. 

For example: 

  • 1/2P – Half an hour. 
  • 1P – One hour. 
  • 3P – Three hours. 
  • P – Permissive parking zone. 
  • Arrow – Parking applies in the direction the arrow is pointing.
  • 730AM-630PM Mon-Fri – Vehicles can park at the specified time. 
  • Ticket – You must purchase a parking ticket.
  • Permit zone – Only permit holders can park. 

Remember, if you receive a parking ticket, the ticket gets assigned to the vehicle, not the person. Therefore, if you ignore it and try not to pay, the owner or the next driver may receive hassle on your account. Plus, the charge will only be taken from your deposit anyway. So, don’t bother, eh?  

Road sign in Australia.

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