To start, I will say one thing – and remember to keep this in mind at all times – you DO NOT NEED TO PACK AS MUCH AS YOU THINK… it’s time to embrace the minimalist lifestyle.

We’ll be sharing with you:

  • Those essential items to pack in your backpack
  • What you might need…
  • What you definitely don’t need
  • Items that’ll make your life easier!

Obviously you know how to pack right!? Everyone has their own method, their own style – fold or role, throw it all in or neatly pack everything in to packing cubes – I get it, it’s easy peasy stuff.

But… We’ve been there and done it and are now sharing our tips with you…

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Where to begin

When it comes to travelling for a long period of time / to the other side of the world, you’ve gotta be restrictive and make sure you bring all the right stuff – but not too much stuff!

The baggage allowance on long haul flights tends to be between 23kg to 30kg. I’d recommend to lean more towards the lighter side as you may take internal flights once you get to Aus that have stricter allowances, you will more than likely buy stuff as you go and I mean, who wants to trek around with 30kg on their back – not me!

So, here goes – my tips and tricks on how to become a packing wizard…

Packing essentials

Here is a list of random yet v essential things to take with you to Aus:

  • Flip flops – don’t enter a hostel shower block without them.
  • Padlock – some hostels don’t provide lockers!
  • Canvas tote bag x2 – one for dirty laundry and one for a beach bag.
  • A book – long coach rides + questionable wifi = read a book.
  • Towels x2 – one for beach, one for shower.
  • Portable charger – all of the plugs may be used in your dorm.
  • Refillable bottle – lifesaver!
  • A pen – for labelling hostel food and filling out forms on the plane.
  • Earplugs – some hostels get pretty noisy!

What NOT to pack

These items will only take up room in your backpack – dump them!

  • Pillow/sleeping bag – hostels have these.
  • Cutlery/plates – maybe a spork will do!
  • Expensive valuables – you don’t wanna loose them!
  • Nice shoes – they’ll only get trashed.
  • Too many toiletries – you can top up over there.

Ready for the adventure?

I hope my tips and tricks help you to pack like a pro. Just remember less is more, don’t forget the essentials and most importantly enjoy yourself RatPack Style….

  • Don’t forget to take padlocks for your backpack, super useful for the lockers in the dorm rooms too!
  • Feeling abit overwhelmed with everything you need for your trip? Shoot us a WhatsApp and have a chat with one of the crew for REAL advice.

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