Solo travelling as a female can be both super exciting and super nerve-wracking. You’re about to embark on an epic adventure of a lifetime, but jumping in to the unknown can be pretty daunting for a first timer…we get you!

We’ll be telling you…

  • Everything you need to know before you go
  • How to keep safe whilst travelling
  • Your questions answered by travellers who have been there and done it!

This simple guide and generous dose of RatPack knowledge should give you all that you need to build that confidence to go solo!

Every traveller will have a different style, planning everything in advance or simply winging it as they go – we advice that you opt for the first choice. Planning is key, especially on a solo mission…

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Before you go

As we said, preparation is KEY – you have free reign over everything; where you want to go, what you want to see – the decision is entirely in your hands (perks of travelling solo). So be sure to book an epic itinerary.

Before you set off, decide what you want from your trip. Do you want to relax, explore, challenge yourself? Again, the choice is yours.

What's stopping you?

‘What if I don’t make any friends?’

Believe us when we say you will not be alone on your solo mission…Oz is full of like minded solo travellers just like yourself. You’re bound to meet someone you click with.

‘My family will worry about me’

Ahhh, the stigma of solo travelling…unfortunately this is a challenge that you may have to face. Do your best to reassure them that Australia is a safe place to travel.

Pluussss, you’ll have us at RatPack to help you with any advice you need when you’re on the road (so you’re never really alone).

‘I’m worried about the cost’

Solo travel may appear to be a more expensive option, but whose to say that it’s not the same as travelling in a group.

You have total control over your budget plus…we can also help with hooking you up to some awesome deals to keep the price down as much as possible.

female backpacker meeting a kangeroo in australia

Planning and preparation

Here at RatPack, we can help you with this.

You want to embrace that Ozzie, carefree lifestyle right?Planning in advance will ensure that your travels run smoooothly! (Ozzie mode: On).

The best way to get going with the planning is to request a travel calendar from us… Click below to request yours!

Some tips for you

Meet people at hostels

Everyone in the solo traveller community is likely to be in the same boat as you, so why not be the bigger person and start a conversation with someone…never know, they may be your new bestie!

Look out for free (or low cost) food nights, free walking tours and evening events.

Female dorm rooms

Hostels tend to offer the option to stay in a female-only dorm room. If this will make you feel more comfortable, make sure to keep an eye out for this option – comfort is key!


Most tours – well every tour really – are full of fellow travellers. Whether your sat in a 4×4, on a boat out at sea or on a coach to somewhere amazing, you’re in close quarters to a lot of other people just like yourself – you’re bound to mingle.

Grey Hound Buses

The most effective form of transport as a single traveller…you’ll never be alone and the coaches take you to all the top spots in Oz!

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