15 December

Must Do’s In Australia

Hitting you guys up with a classic bucket list - Aussie style. Here it is, the big ol' list of must do's in sunny down under. If you go to Aussie and don't tick these off as you go then what are you playing at!?


Australia is full – and I mean full – of bucket list opportunities.

We’re always blabbering on about ‘this is defo a bucket list experience’ and ‘make sure to add this to your bucket list’…of course sky diving and snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef are mega bucket list activities (and well worth it), but this post is focusing more on the things that you can do day in day out when you’re travelling around.

When you return back home, it would be interesting to see how many of you end up doing all of these – we can already guess you’re going to be drinking goon more than once and hitting up a load of BBQ’s wayyyyyyyyy, let’s go!


Take a kangaroo selfie

This has to be top of the list – how epic – meeting a real life kangaroo!!

Places you can get up close and personal with these incredible creatures:

  • Horizon kangaroo sanctuary in Agnes Water
  • Australia Zoo, an hour outside of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast
  • Lone Pine, in Brisbane


Try Vegemite

I mean, it’s just gotta be done right!

But will you love it or hate it – warning! It’s pretty different to Marmite, so you can’t cop out and claim you already hate Marmite.


Drink goon

For all of you who have no idea what we’re talking about – goon is what the Aussies call boxed wine…very classy (not).

The stuff is cheap and cheerful and will for sure guarantee a fun night!

You’ll most likely be offered your first cup of goon at a hostel social event – enjoy!


Free BBQ on the beach

You heard it here first! Most beaches in Australia have BBQ’s that are FREE for public use (they’re usually located on the grassy park area behind the beach).

So grab you burgers and buns and head on down to the beach at sunset for a delish feast!


Learn to surf

What better place to say you learnt how to surf than down under!?

We recommend heading to Ratpack HQ – Byron Bay – to ride the waves with Black Dog Surf School.


Experience The Thrill - 1 Day - Black Dog Surf School

Get a photo at Sydney Opera House

It has to be done – the obligatory Opera House photo.

The monument is so beautiful you’ll find yourself snapping so many photos.

The best spots for a good view are:

  • Pylon Lookout
  • Mrs Macquaries Chair
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens


Greyhound Bus Pass - Sydney to Cairns, Hop-On / Hop-Off, 3 Month

Swim in a sea pool

You’ll find a sea pool on most of the beaches along the East Coast.

They’re the perfect place to cool off if you’re not a fan of the actual sea itself.

Our fave sea pools:

  • Fairy Pools, Noosa (see photo to left).
  • Manly Fairy Bower Pool.
  • Sydney Icebergs


I hope this list has given you a little taste of what you could be getting up to in Aussie. Just remember to embrace every opportunity, try something new now and then and most importantly, enjoy yourself RatPack Style. Yewwwwwwwwwwwwww Holly (RPT Blog Writer) - Stay Tuned for my next piece…

Ready to start ticking these off?

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