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How To See The Great Ocean Road

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The Great Ocean Road is legendary. It is for sure a trip to add to your Aussie itinerary. The 243 kilometre drive takes you along the south east coast, where you’ll be able to see some epic sights and live that roadie lifestyle…road trips alwaaaays make for a wicked adventure.

We’ll be giving you the LOW down including:

  • How to hire a campervan for your roadtrip
  • What spots can’t you miss
  • Our favourite spots
  • And of course, how we can help you save money on your campervan!

The Great Ocean Road AKA the roadie of all roadies. The route is just beautiful, you’ll for sure find yourself pulling over to take in the epic views and to snap a few pics with every twist and turn you make.

Not only will you enjoy the banter of a road trip but you’ll also see the unreal 12 Apostles {spoiler… there’s now only 8}, absolute beaut beaches and rock formations all the way along the Shipwreck Coast.

Expect scenic views after scenic views after scenic views – it’s unreal! Sounds like you’re kinda thing, well…we’re about to tell ya how to get your hands on a camper van or jump on a tour if you’d prefer, and let you know where all of the best spots to stop off are!

What is the Great Ocean Road?

The Great Ocean Road is located in Victoria in the South of Australia.

It spans 400 kilometres (249 miles) from the town of Torquay to Nelson.

It’s a looooong ol’ roadie, home to stunning rock formations, epic beaches, a load of wildlife and unforgettable hikes.

How to get there?

The Great Ocean Road  is about a 90-minute drive away from Melbourne’s city centre.

You can either hire a camper (we can help you out with that bit) or hop on a tour (we can also get you a cheeky discount on that too).

Campervan or Tour?

It all depends on what adventure level you’re looking for! A camper allows more freedom, but there is a lot of driving time (even though it is through beaut surroundings) whereas, a tour would be a more sociable choice if your a solo traveller, you’ll get all your food included and they know all the best spots to go.


If you want the freedom of your own roadie, then grab a campervan.

We would recommend that you take 4 to 5 days to cover the whole distance – this way you won’t be driving for too long each day and will have plenty of time to stop off at all the wicked spots along the way.

We only book you a camper van or car rental if we can make it cheaper than the online rate! That’s the RatPack guarantee!

What about the tours?

Hoping on a tour is a guaranteed good time and the legends that run the trips are pure bants!

On a tour, you get all food included (one less thing to worry about) and 2 night of accommodation. It’s a great way to meet fellow travellers and to see the Great Ocean Road without the worry of tackling Google maps…

You can start the tour in either Melbourne or Adelaide.


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We can find you the best deal on a camper perfect for all of your needs. All you have to do is pop in a few details of your trip and we can do the rest!

NOTE: we only book you a camper van or car rental if we can make it cheaper than the online rate! That’s the RatPack guarantee!

Best spots to hit up..

There are a load of beaut spots to stop off at along your journey. Make sure to look up photos of all these places to see what you fancy giving a visit – they’re all stunning, so be prepared to be spoilt for choice…

TIP – don’t forget to head to the 12 apostles for sunset, but give yourself plenty of time as there is a 5/10 minute walk from the carpark and people get there seriously early to get a good spot!

  • Bells Beach  – surf spot (check out Bells beach in April to see the Rip Curl Pro surf comp!)
  • Anglesea – beach, bush and kangaroos
  • Port Fairy – fishing village
  • Lorne – art community
  • 12 Apostles – probs the most famous sight along the road
  • London Bridge – offshore natural arch formed from rocks
  • Cape Otway – oldest lighthouse in Aus
  • Great Otway National Park – waterfalls and gorges
  • Kennet River – prime location for spotting koalas.
  • Erskine Falls – 30 metre plunging waterfall
  • Triplet Falls 
  • Hopetoun Falls
  • The Grotto – epic rock formation
  • Teddy’s Lookout – scenic views for dayyyys
  • Maits Rest rainforst walk – 800m self guided walk
  • The Arch – another astounding rock formation

Ready to take on the Great Ocean Road?

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I hope my tips and tricks encourage you to add the Great Ocean Road to your Aussie itinerary – it can’t be missed! Just remember to give yourself enough time to see all the sites but most importantly, enjoy yourself RatPack Style. Yewwwwwwwwwwwwww Holly (RPT Blog Writer) 

Stay Tuned for my next piece…


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