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Spending 3 Days & 2 Nights on Fraser Island

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If you’re coming to the East Coast trip of Australia you definitely would have heard of the legendary Fraser island and if you haven’t… you have now! There’s a reason why people rave about this place – beaut views, empty beaches (that you can only get to via 4×4) & lakes that are indigenous to the Island.

We’ll be letting you in on how you can:

  • Swim in epic freshwater lakes..
  • Spot Dingos and Sharks!
  • Drive on the beach in a 4wd
  • AND of course, how we can save you money on the tours!

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is a protected world heritage site {Sammy Attenborough here – basically it means this EPIC little spot will stay & continue to be protected !}. It is a place of pure beauty, with its long sandy beaches, freshwater lakes and absolutely ancient rainforests it really does have it all. Fraser Island is also extremely well known to be the home of the dingo. They might look cute and fluffy but don’t think they ‘pounce’ given half a chance {serious… Dingo Sticks at all times RatPackers!}.

So how do you get there?

Fraser Island is only accessible by ferry which literally takes a few minutes from either Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay. You’ll then need to travel by some form of 4×4 vehicle as the terrain is tough! The most common way to see the Island when BackPacking is via one of the Jeep Safari Tag Along Tours… NOTE: There is a tour for everyone – if you are looking to see the island and and have a little more party in the evening then the ‘ Nomads Tour’ is a great shout.

If nature & camp stories over a few beers is more you vibe then look NO further than Drop Bear Adventures… No matter which tour you pick the concept is the same – there a 4 jeeps in total, 8 people (max) per jeep and one tour guide who leads the way over the duration of the trip. The first car has the guide and all non- drivers. The other three cars will have a mix of drivers and non-drivers. If you fancy giving driving a go you need to be at least 21 and have held your license for at least two years. The drivers between each jeep then take it in turns to drive each day.

FYI – if you’re sat in the front be prepared to DJ and bring the perfect tunes for the roadie of ALL roadies! The Nomads and Drop Bear tours both depart from either Noosa or Rainbow Beach so that’s where you need to get yourself the day before the tour – with either tour RatPack can hook you up with up with at least 10% discount on the trip making it cheaper than booking direct {money saving experts that we areeee}… RatPacker Hannah Smith gives her breakdown of the 3 days she spent on the Nomads Trip : )

Day 1 - Lets gooooooo

We started super early with the coach leaving Nomads at around 6am {I think – ooooops I was slightly hungover} from here we met our tour guide {Big up Bazza} who drove the bus to Rainbow Beach where we collected our 4×4’s. We mixed it up in our groups of 8 per jeep and headed off to the infamous Fraser Island! After dropping our things off at the hostel (which is on the island) or Tipi Tent depending what option we picked, we had a quick bite to eat. 

The first stop was the unbelievable Lake Mckenzie which is literally a little slice of heaven. Pure white silica sand and clear blue – just amazing. We stayed here for a few hours swimming, sunbathing, playing some games and chilling in rubber rings. The few hours passed super quick and we then headed back to our accomodation for the evening.

In the evening we had dinner then everyone hung out and had a few (or a lot) of drinks. But beware the next day is an early start and is jam packed with adventure!

Day 2

Day 2 was the busiest out of the three, so I hope you have some energy saved up… The first stop we made was to the little sea aeroplanes where you are offered a scenic ride for $60. Although it’s only a short ride I really do think it’s worth doing while you’re there. Seeing Fraser from above was really special and you get to see a few places that can not be reached by foot (such as butterfly lake).

After this we headed to the ‘Champagne Pools’ known as Fraser Islands natural jacuzzi, although be prepared to be whacked around a bit! The Champagne Pools were formed by volcanic rocks and are the only place on Fraser where saltwater swimming is allowed so it’s a pretty special spot! I believe they got named ‘Champagne Pool’ because of all the bubbles.

After an hour in the Pools it’s a short drive to Indian Head which I can only describe as truly breathtaking. Indian Head is the most easterly point on the island and provides some stunning views of Fraser and the Coral Sea. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled as you’ll often spot lots of sea life here such as turtles, whales, dolphins & if you are super lucky SHARKS. After a busy morning it was then time for lunch, this is usually quite late in the afternoon, so you’ll appreciate those snacks you bought. Both days consisted of bread/wraps with salad and meat / veggie fillings.

Once re-fuelled its then off to the Maheno shipwreck – it’s the most famous of the Fraser Island wrecks… this is really something you won’t want to miss. Once a few photos had been taken and we explored the wreck the last destination for the day – Eli Creek.

Eli Creek is the largest creek on the eastern beach of Fraser Island and is a popular swimming spot. Swimming or floating down the flowing creek is a super fun experience – just beware its FREEZING. We hung around this area for an hour or so and our tour guide (Baz) also set up a volleyball court using the four 4×4 cars which was awesome. After Eli Creek its then back to the resort for your final night on the island. Like the first night you’ll have a group dinner and then we chilled and had a few beers before bed.

Day 3....

Last day ‘Booooooo’! On the 3rd day we were straight into it – Lake Wabby. Lake Wabby is a small freshwater, green coloured lake and is directly opposite the Hammerstone Sandblow. Within the next few decades the sandblow will eventually cover the lake – so the time to see this lake is NOW. It is home to an array of fish species (which you’ll see while swimming) and is a great place to chill for your last few hours. It’s around a 45 minute walk there and back so just keep this in mind and give yourself enough time to return!

After Lake Wabby it’s time to head back. However, the fun doesn’t stop there as Nomads Noosa hold an after party every-night for each Fraser Island group! We had loads of banter with the group we’d just met, had drinks and reminisced about the amazing experience.

Get adventure ready...

There you have it! Exactly what to expect on a 3 day 2 night tour on Fraser Island…

Here are a few extra tips and tricks from the crew to make sure you are island ready!

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included but it’s recommended to bring snacks with you. There are a few shops on the island but they are MEGA expensive so do a mini shop before leaving Noosa / Rainbow Beach and stash these in your bag
  • You won’t really get any signal on the island and you can forget about wifi – THERE IS NONE – talk to the people around you and just enjoy your time on the island!
  • You only need a small bag for the trip, your main bag can be stored in the hostel that you stay at before you depart on the trip – some hostels provide the luggage storage for free others charge between $5 – $10
  • Take a jumper for the evening – it can get chilly!
  • You don’t need trainers just a pair of flip flops / bare feet is the one
  • Have a banging playlist ready for some of the best carpool karaoke

Ready to visit this EPIC island?

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I hope you enjoy Fraser Island as much as I did. It’s truly a unique and amazing experience and is not a spot to be missed on the East Coast of Australia.

RatPacker – Hannah


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