22 December

Fraser Island – The Spots You Cannot Miss

Ready to cruise around the world’s largest sand island in a 4WD? Fraser Island is one of RatPack's top 5 experiences in Australia - the place is EPIC. This beaut island has a load of spots that will blow your mind...from shipwrecks to a natural lazy river - the place has it all.


Fraser Island – or K’gari (the island’s aboriginal name) for sure has a space on your East Coast itinerary…it is a MUST SEE stop off on your epic roadie.

Visit its gorgeous natural tea tree lakes, Maheno shipwreck, Indian Head, Champagne Pools, Eli Creek and the tropical rainforest, all whilst cruising around in a 4WD down the 75 mile beach road – yep, you heard us right! The beach is the road!

To see the island in all of its glory, it is well worth booking on to a tour – the tour guides know all the hot spots and will get you round the giant sand island safety.

Tours go from either Noosa, Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay – hit us up if you have any questions regarding this.

We have a few tours for you to choose from, depending on your adventure level – so give this a read to see which one is for you…


Which tour is for me?


Duration: 3 day/2 night or 2 day/1 night.

Vibe: Social, educational, adventure.

Where do I sleep?

  • 3 day/2 night – Camping at the Dropbear eco-friendly wilderness camp (30m from beach!!)
  • 2 day/1 night – Dorm style rooms.

Anything else? Option to go on a scenic flight of the island – yewwww.



Duration: 3 day/2 night.

Vibe: Social, party, banter.

Where do I sleep? Camping.



Duration: 3 day/2 night.

Vibe: Super social, party, banter.

Where do I sleep? Either camp or dorm style accommodation (depending on tour).

Anything else? Enjoy an exclusive post tour party at KB’s Bar.


Cool Dingos

Duration: 3 days/2 nights.

Vibe: Fun, explore, social.

Where do I sleep? Lodge accomodation.


Drop Bear Adventures - 3 Day 2 Night - 4WD Fraser Camping Adventure

Lake Mckenzie

Lake Mckenzie is the definition of stunning! It is probs THE most picturesque spot on the island – with it’s crystal clear water and diamond white sand, it’s like something you’d see on a postcard!!

Oh, and the sand is so fine you can use it to exfoliate your skin or even brush your teeth!!


Nomads - 3 Day 2 Night Fraser Island Self-Drive Adventure with Camping Accom

Lake Wabby

This lake may look weird and green, but Lake Wabby is actually pretty beaut.

Surrounded by rolling dunes and full of a load of aquatic life including catfish and rainbow fish, the lake is defo a very unique spot on the island.

Watch out for the little fish that nibble your feet (like that weird spa treatment).


Pippies Fraser Island 3 Day, 2 Night Tag-Along Tour

Eli Creek

Eli Creek aka Fraser Islands natural lazy river!

This place is sick – hop on an inflatable and travel down the creek to the beach…how cool!


Nomads - 3 Day 2 Night Fraser Island Self-Drive Adventure with Dorm Accom

Maheno Shipwreck

Another awesome spot on the island! Back in the 1900’s, the ship found itself in the middle of a seasonal cyclone just off the coastline and then washed up on the shores of 75 Mile Beach.

The ship can still be seen today as it slowly sinks away in to the sand.


Drop Bear Adventures - 2 Day 1 Night Fraser Island Safari

Champagne Pools

This place is called ‘Champagne Pools’ because the water in the naturally formed rocky pools bubbles like a jacuzzi.

So sit back and relax as the waves pour in to the pools from the ocean.


Cool Dingos - 3 Day 2 Night - Fraser Island (Start in Hervey Bay)

Dingo Spotting

If you’re lucky, you may get to spot one of these wild dogs during your time on the island.

Dingoes are one of the top 10 Australian must-see animals.

Don’t worry though, campsites and accommodation areas are all equipt with dingo safe fencing.


Camping under the stars

The whole experience of living on an island for a few days is just insane!

At RatPack, we recommend hopping on a tour that has camping, so that you can camp under the stars and admire the views of the worlds biggest sand island.


Nomads - 3 Day 2 Night Fraser Island Self-Drive Adventure with Camping Accom

Not that you need much encouragement to visit this beaut spot, but I hope this list of the must-see spots has given you a little taste of what you could be getting up to on this insane island. Just remember to make the most of every moment, take in all the sights and most importantly, enjoy yourself RatPack Style. Yewwwwwwwwwwwwww Holly (RPT Blog Writer) - Stay Tuned for my next piece…

Ready to hit up Fraser Island?

If this has persuaded you to hop on a Fraser Island tour then drop us a message on WhatsApp +61450381801, email, click the button below to fb message us or click on the little message box to the right of the website and one of the crew will help you out!


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