The Best Melbourne to Brisbane Road Trip Itinerary

Ready for a trip of a lifetime? Embark on the ultimate Melbourne to Brisbane road trip with our complete guide.

As you can probably tell, we love a good Aussie road trip. Especially when it involves the two grand cities of Melbourne and Brisbane.

But with so much to see along the way, knowing where to start can leave you in a right pickle. 

That’s where this handy guide comes in. We’ve created a complete itinerary for an unforgettable Melbourne to Brisbane road trip. 

So without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

What’s the Melbourne to Brisbane road trip distance? 


The Melbourne to Brisbane road trip distance covers a whopping 1,776km of Australian roads. In UK terms, that eclipses a trip from the tip of Scotland to the southern coast of England! 

Yep. Door-to-door, we’re talking a good nineteen hours of solid driving. Yowza!

Sound a bit long? Yeah right. Our necks are stiffening up just thinking about it!

But rather than dwell on the distance, we can just make a road trip out of it instead. A breezy campervan cruise is the best way to break up this lengthy journey by stopping to smell the roses at a few tasty destinations en route. 

Luckily for you, southeast Aus is jam-packed with some beautiful places just waiting to be discovered. 

All aboard! 

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What’s the ideal time needed for a Melbourne to Brisbane road trip?

Now that you know how far you’ll need to trek, it’s time to decide how long to set aside to maximise your road trip potential. 

If you’re on a time crunch, you can reach your destination in just a couple of days. However, we recommend taking the time to really enjoy the journey. 

After all, a road trip ain’t just about the destination, but also the memories you make along the way! 

We reckon the sweet spot for this road trip is around five days. Spreading the trip like this means you won’t have to average more than four hours of driving each day, and you’ll get the chance to explore some of the awesome locations we have in southeast Aus. 

Now for the juicy part! Where are we heading?

Our top 8 Brisbane to Melbourne road trip ideas

There are so many bonza places between BNE and MEL just waiting to be enjoyed that it’s hard to choose the best of the bunch. 

But after several in-house debates, we’ve done the hard yakka for you. (And they say romance is dead.)

Here’s our list of must-see spots between Melbourne and Brisbane, which you defo won’t wanna miss.

1. Mount Beauty

Wondering why we’ve picked this? The clue’s in the name. This spot is one of the most stunning little towns nestled between rivers and mountains. With activities fit for every season, you’d be a wally to skip this stop. 

2. Wagga Wagga

This sexy city often gets overlooked by tourists, but believe us when we say it’s a true gem. Wagga Wagga is in the heart of the Riverina, a region full of history and natural beauty. You should totally check it out.

3. Yass

Named after ‘running water’, this dardy countryside town is overflowing with Aboriginal history, culture and natural beauty. For a little town, in woop woop, it’s sweet as. 

4. Canberra

Imagine going on an Aussie road trip and skipping the capital. You’d have to be barmy! It’s got museums, vineyards, bike trails, and bars. No doubt, there’ll be something here that’s a bit of you. 

5. Sydney

From the official capital to another capital on merit, there’s no way you can do this road trip justice if you don’t swing by Sydney. Almost exactly halfway between start and finish, you’ve gotta add the Emerald City to your itinerary. See the sights and soak up the atmosphere

6. Port Macquarie 

Famous for its idyllic beaches and Koala obsession, this is a must-see stop for surfers and animal lovers alike. Have a captain cook if this sounds up your street.

7. Byron Bay

An iconic lighthouse, natural gems and lots of surfers – all things you’ll find in Byron Bay. This laidback town might be the perfect respite you need towards the end of your road trip.

8. Brisbane

Shock! Who’d have thought Brisbane would be on this list? With endless possibilities and world-renowned attractions, there’s no place you’d rather end up.

Now we know where we’re going, let’s figure out how we’ll get there. 

Let us help you map out your Melbourne to Brisbane road trip itinerary

If you want to make the most of this gnarly road trip, you’ve gotta be clever with your itinerary. No one likes a dilly-dally, which is why we’ve created an ideal road trip plan just for you. 

Yes, yes, you can thank us later. 

Anyway, here is how we would organise this incredible five-day adventure:

Day 1 

09:00 – Say goodbye to marvellous Melbs and head for the mountains. You’ll be on the road for a few hours, so make sure you’ve packed some goodies for this leg of the trip!

13:30 – Arrive in Mount Beauty just in time for lunch. 

You’ll be staying here overnight, so head to your digs to get settled. There are tons of great caravan parks and campsites to choose from. We’d also recommend a trip to the Allamar Motor Inn for its epic wine bar.

15:00 – Having found some grub and catching your bearings, why not head to Fainter Falls for a refreshing creek-side stroll? It’s unbelievably stunning. 

18:00 – The Mount is your oyster. With tons of cute restaurants and plenty to see and do, you’ll have your pick of evening activities. 

Make sure you rest up. At dawn, we drive!

Day 2

08:00 – Bright and early. Let’s swap the mountains for some city living and head for Wagga Wagga. 

11:00 – Arrive in Wagga Wagga. Head to Fitz Café for their all-day brekkie! It’s mega. 

13:00 – Head to the Botanic Gardens to stretch your legs in style. Check out their sick bamboo garden while you’re there! If you have time, explore the nearby Museum of the Riverina to get a real feel for this quirky city. 

15:00 – Time to move on. Let’s head for sweet little Yass. 

17:30 – Yass, Queen! You made it to Yass. This stop will be your second overnight stay. First things first, choose your accommodation. Check out Yass Valley Caravan Park or drive a little further out to catch some scenic sights

18:30 Feeling peckish? Ewe’N Me Restaurant is undoubtedly the place to go if you want some high-quality yet lowkey Aussie grub. 

20:30 – The night is young! Take a gander around town and soak up the vibes. Yazzbar sets the bar high for wine and hosts some epic music nights. 

It’s up to you how you spend the rest of the night. Whether you find another hip bar or head back to the camper to Netflix and chill, we know you’ll have a great night in Yass. 

Day 3

08:30 – Up and at ‘em! Time to cruise to Canberra. 

09:30 – After a short drive, you’ll be in our country’s capital. Sweet! 

It’s tough to narrow down your options in this hectic city, but there are no wrong choices! 

We’d recommend hitting up the Australian War Memorial for a super special experience. If art’s your thing, check out the awesome scavenger hunt that takes you to all the best artsy spots in town!

13:00 – You’ve got time for a nibble before you leave. One of our fave lunch spots in the city is Rebel Rebel

14:30 – Sydney is calling! And this leg is on the longer side, so stock up on refreshments before you roll.

17:45 – You made it. Phew! Time to find your home for the night among the bright lights of Sydney. 

If you want to mix things up and can afford to splash a bit of cash, Sydney is the place to do it. Treat yourself to a room without wheels for the night at Pier 1! It’s literally right under the Harbour Bridge – it doesn’t get much cooler than that. 

19:30 – Dinner time. Thank goodness. 

Sydney is brimming with amazing restaurants and elegant eateries, so take your pick! 

Our top picks are all along the water, bringing heaps of vibes to your evening meal. Try St Siandra for a classy Italian atmosphere, or The Surf Deck if you wanna be right on the beach!

21:00 – Still got some energy? Sydney’s nightlife is bewdy bottler. From beach bars to sky-high clubs, it’s got it all. Go wild! 

Day 4

09:00 – We’re afraid that’s as much of a lie-in as you’re gonna get on this trip! 

Spend the morning exploring Sydney by day. Take a cruise along the harbour, feast your eyes on the opera house, or rent a bike to explore the city on two wheels. 

12:30 – Grab a spot of lunch before hitting the highway. Suminoya does a banging Japanese BBQ buffet if you’ve got the stomach!

14:00 – Jump back in your camper and jet off! Port Macquarie is calling your name. This stretch of the journey is long but lovely. Buckle up and enjoy the coastal cruising. 

18:30 – Hello, Port Macquarie! Park up at Edgewater Holiday Park if you want to wake up to sea views in the morning.

Once you’re tummy’s rumbling, head to The Stunned Mullet for some spectacular seafood and sumptuous sea views. You’ll be living the life – cowabunga, mate!

21:00 – Follow up your grub with a tipple or two at one of Port Mac’s many bars and pubs. If you’re into home-brewed beer, you have to give Black Duck a whirl. 

Day 5

08:30 – Get your last day off to a stunning start by taking a morning stroll along the Old Buttlebutt Walking Track. 

This short but sweet rainforest hike will lead you across creeks and through crisp country air until you reach the legend that is Old Buttlebutt. OB is the OG tree in Port Macquarie – a huge, last-of-its-kind Red Bloodwood. In case you haven’t guessed, this baby’s got back!

09:30 – Fill your tank and your tummies with fuel, and set off for your penultimate stop, Byron Bay. 

13:45 – Hit the beach – you’re in Byron! Spend the afternoon enjoying the city’s seafaring activities. 

Tick off a bucket list dream and kayak with dolphins, or try your hand at surfing (with the help of a pro!). Whatever you decide to do, we know you’ll have an awesome afternoon in beautiful Byron Bay. It’s impossible not to.

17:30 – Whenever you’re ready, wave goodbye to the waves and complete your journey with a two-hour drive to Brisbane. 

19:30 – You’ve made it! And yet the journey has only just begun. 

Brisbane has everything you need for a wicked time. Whether animal sanctuaries or underground operas, there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy. 

You have the itinerary. Now for the campervan

Here at RatPack Travel, we think every road trip is special. Yet many will struggle to hold a candle to this ripsnorter route from Melbourne to Brisbane. 

So, now you’ve got the perfect plan, we’ve got the perfect van. 

Because to make your road trip as epic as possible, you need the coolest camper to get you from A to B – or, should we say, M to B! 

Get in touch today, and we’ll hook you up with the best wheels that money can buy. 

What’re you stalling for? We have everything you need to grease your gears and put your pedal to the metal. 

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