The Reality of Travelling as a Couple

We chat a lot about setting off on solo adventures and hopping in a camper with a load of mates for the most epic roadie ever, so we thought it was about time to talk about travelling as a couple.

We’ll be sharing with you:

  • How to make friends when you travel as a couple
  • How to budget for 2 of you
  • How to stay sane together and compromise
  • The best ways to travel and where to stay!

A lot of you travel with your other half and many of you may be thinking about it, so we’re here to let you in to all of our tips and tricks on what it’s REALLY like travelling with your significant other.


Meet Holly

Hey, I’m Holly – I write most of the blog posts you see here on RatPack. My job is basically to make your life easier; giving you all the tips on how to have the most epic time in Aussie.

I don’t usually introduce myself when writing a post, but I travelled around Australia for 6 months with my significant other (hi Joe!), so I’ve been there, done that, dying to do it again! I thought it would make this post more relatable if I wrote it from more of a personal angle…so let’s go!

What is it REALLY like to travel as a couple you ask? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out (spoiler alert, it is – in my experience – more of a make it than a break it situation).

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Travel and accomodation


There are 2 main options of travel in Aussie – camper or Greyhound coach.

In the case of travelling as a couple, I’d say go for a camper (wish we had – they look like so much fun).

You can share driving time, can be super flexible, you’ve got all the freedom in the world and lets face it – nothing says relationship bonding like a road trip.

In terms of which type of camper to opt for, either a 2 seater, 2 sleeper or a high top (if you fancy a bit more room) – both would be perf.


The obvious backpacker choice is hostels. They’re great value for money and a great place to meet people. If this is your jam, most hostels do have private dorms – so check these out!

However, some nights you might fancy a space for just the two of you. In this case, Hotels can be great value (if you shop around a little) or, we opted for Airbnb’s for a couple of stays as it worked out a little cheaper (check out the ‘private rooms’ option).

It's all about compromise

I can’t re-iterate this enough – IT IS ALL ABOUT COMPROMISE.

I get itchy feet (is that the saying?) and hate sitting still – I constantly need to be on the go and discovering new things. On the other hand, my boyfriend is pretty chill and is happy to lounge around without a care in the world (something I need to get better at).

But what I am trying to say here is, you need to be able to take a leaf out of each others books, meet in the middle and do what makes you both happy.

Why not try both writing a list of what you want to get out of the trip and go from there – take it in turns to decide what to do. It’ll make life a lot sweeeterrrr.

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You don't have to spend every second together

You’re on the trip of a life time, you want to make every second count and you want to make memories together. I get it. I was like this at the start of the trip.

But, as you get used to the routine of travelling it’s okay to spend some time apart.

Even if you’re not technically alone, something as simple as zoning out for a bit on separate bunks reading separate books or scrolling on Instagram (whatever you do), it’s time with yourself and that is important.

You will make friends!

I’m not going to lie to you – we did find it difficult to meet people in the first couple of months. You’re obviously a couple, so (understandably), people assume that you’re happy with each others company, so don’t feel the need to approach you.

You’ve just got to put a bit more effort in. Approach others instead of waiting for someone to approach you – what’s the worst thing that’s going to happen.

About 3 months in, we met another couple (all it took was a bit of small talk over dinner at a hostel and – quite a lot of – goon) and we got on from the get go. We’re now all as close as ever and see each other all the time back in the UK. So there it is, proof that it is possible to make friends for life, even as a couple!


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1,000+ Google & Facebook reviews

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I had Ben talk me through the entire process of booking a campervan, it was very seamless and he was beyond helpful. I strongly recommend this company for any future adventures.

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Ben did everything to make sure we got the best deal! He was very kind, friendly and made sure we got everything we needed for our trip. Everything went quick and somooth and we can't wait for our east coast road trip!

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Really straightforward system to book our camper, Gregg was really helpful and thorough - looking forward to our trip!

adam nelson
28 November 2023

*Incredible service* *they don’t lie about the discount (around £500 for us!!)* *Easy* I just sent them a WhatsApp message, loosely detailing mine and my girlfriends plan. I got a response the same day, we then scheduled a phone call to discuss our plans further. Gregg was the chap who helped us out, and he couldn’t have made it any easier. We explored all options, types of motor, dates, prices, route of the trip. We covered all bases and within 30/40 mins we confirmed our travel. We will 100% be using these guys again for our following trip! Thanks:)

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Fair play to Reuben he made my experience of booking a campervan so easy! Great guy, found the best rates and went out of his way to make sure I had the best option! Highly recommend

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27 November 2023

Service impeccable avec Ben! On cherchait un van depuis quelques semaines déjà et on commençait à se perdre au travers toutes les compagnies et options possibles. RatPack nous a vraiment permis de trouver un van qui correspondait à ce qu’on voulait. Ben a répondu à toutes mes questions avec patience et gentillesse. Je recommande 100%

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