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What to do with your BackPack when on Fraser Island & The Whitsundays

If you want to see all that Oz has to offer, you're likely to book on to a tonne of tours during your time there - they're the best way to experience all of the insane destinations dotted around the place. Most of these tours will not allow you to bring your huge backpack with you, so what do you do with them when you're on a trip?


One thing we know for sure is that backpacks are the way to go when it comes to travelling around Oz! Backpacks just make life so much easier – bung it all in and be on your way. But just remember, AVOID OVER PACKING – I found myself hiking down the side of a dual carriage way (long story, but we made a wrong turn) and wishing that I’d packed lighter. You really do not need much, 18kg max will do it!

But where do you put your backpacks when you’re away on a trip

We’ve got you covered – so here goes, we’ve answered your questions and put together a simple guide on what to do with your bag when away on a trip. We’ve also thrown in a few of our recommendations on some essentials to bring along with you.


Where do I put my bag when I go to Fraser Island and the Whitsundays?

Fraser Island and the Whitsundays tours tend to be over a couple of days, so lugging a huge backpack onto a small sailing boat or in to the back of a cramped 4×4 is not ideal and the tours don’t allow it.

You have to leave your bags at your starting location (Noosa/Rainbow Beach for Fraser Island or Airlie Beach for the Whitsundays) at your hostel. The hostels are all geared up for this as hundreds of backpackers do this day in day out. Your bag will most likely be stored in a locked luggage storage room within the hostel – sometimes you may have to pay, but it’ll be worth it to avoid loosing your luggage.

We would recommend grabbing yourself a padlock to pop on your bag whilst you’re away – better safe than sorry hey!


What to take to the Whitsundays?

For the Whitsundays, all you’ll need is a zipless bag –  think canvas shopper bag or a bag for life. The reason for this is that bed bugs can get in to zips and if a bed bug gets on to one of the wooden sailing ships, it’s fatal for the boats structure.

When packing, we recommend that you bring swimmers, sun cream, a hat, flip flops, a hoodie for the evening, basic toiletries, a towel, change of clothes, power bank, go pro and a camera. This may seem like an obvious list, but when you’re buzzing to get going it’s easy for your head to scramble.

You are allowed to bring alcohol with you, so long as it’s not in a glass bottle. But goon comes in a box, so that’s not a problem!


Atlantic Clipper - 2 Days 2 Nights - Sailing

What to take to Fraser Island?

A small backpack will do for Fraser Island. The trips tend to include a lot of walking, swimming and bouncing up and down in a 4×4 – so believe us when we say a light T-shirt and shorts will do you in terms of what to wear.

You’ll be experiencing a lot of different adventures, so we recommend taking swimmers, sun cream, a hat, flip flops, a water bottle, mozzie spay, a torch, warm clothes for the eve, a hoodie, waterproof jacket (check the weather), basic toiletries, power bank, go pro, a camera, and that’s about it!


Drop Bear Adventures - 2 Day 1 Night Fraser Island Safari

What to take on a day trip?

Heading to Cairns? Cairns is the queen of day trips – with the Great Barrier Reef and tropical rain forest, the place has it all! But what do you bring to these epic day trips?

For the Great Barrier Reef all you’ll need is swimmers, sun cream, a hat, water bottle, a cover up, a towel, go pro and a camera – the boats provide snorkelling gear, so don’t go worrying about trying to find one.

For the rain forest/waterfall trips, we recommend taking the same as above but remember a spare change of clothes! I sat on a 2 hour long min bus ride in soaking wet shorts – not my finest moment! Oh, and bring bug spray if you have it – the flies go mad for you in there!


Ocean Rafting - Whitsundays Southern Lights Day Tour

Where should I leave my CamperVan / Car:

Super Easy here… with every Fraser Island trip there is safety briefing either the day before or the day of departure… depending on which tour you book will depend where the safety briefing is (details of the meet locations will be on the official PDF voucher that we will send you once you have pre prurched the trip). At the safety brief location there will be always be free parking available. It’s essential you do not leave any valuables on show. You can simply leave you large bag in the van and just pack a small bag suitable for the duration of the trip. 

Airlie Beach as you probably know by now is the access point to the 74 tropical islands that make up the Whitsundays… it is in this small beach town that your boat will depart from and return to when finishing the trip. Each boat requires you to check in either the day before your trip or the day of departure – again the details of which depend on what boat you book… In Airlie Beach there are plenty of streets that offer free parking which are no more than a 10 minute walk from the marina where your boat will depart from. 


Ready to visit Fraser Island and the Whitsundays?

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