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Spending Christmas and New Years in Australia

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December – absolutely FREEZING in the UK & Europe but the absolute prime time in Aussie & NZ to travel as the weather will be at its best and you’ll leave with that famous Aussie glow.

With December being the most popular month to travel to Aussie, we often get asked:

  • Where should you spend Christmas?
  • What to do for New Years?

Read on to find out more from the crew about our experiences of spending Christmas and New Years in Australia

Travelling during the Aussie Summer..

Travelling in the peak season AKA the Aussie summer does mean that you’ll be down under for Christmas and New Years, no need to freak out that you’ll be missing out on pigs and blankets or that you’ll be by yourself, there are thousands of other backpackers all in the same situation don’t forget! It will be a christmas to remember for sure!

Where to Spend Christmas?

Now that really is the question, you’ll find that a lot of people would have started in Cairns and worked their way down to Sydney for Xmas & NY! We spend our christmases here in the Bay and can tell you that it is absolutely epic.. Where else can you spend christmas day on the beach?!

A lot of people choose Bondi Beach, Sydney or St Kilda, Melbourne – now RatPackers, these do get bloody BUSY but make for an epic atmosphere with backpackers and tourists everywhere soaking up that Christmas sun!

An EPIC plan is to spend your Christmas on board your Whitsundays sailing tour or your Fraser Island 4wd safari… Did you know they still run over the holidays? BUT, make sure you book waaaaaaay in advance if this is abit of you. Note: the price doesn’t increase either!

How to choose a hostel for Christmas..

If you want to have a really social christmas with fellow backpackers we recommend choosing a big hostel or one that puts on alot of events, the hostels in Aussie are epic and you’ll find that they will put on events for Christmas!

For example, in Byron the hostel we were based in at the time did a massive christmas buffet where everyone chipped in a dish, put on live music and had a christmas festival! All solo travellers coming together to enjoy a christmas like no other! So either look for recommendations from mates, or check out what type of vibe the hostel is, you can normally get a good idea if its a social hostel or not from the reviews on hostelworld or the hostels instagram!

What will your christmas be like?

For starters… DIFFERENT. I mean, have you ever spent christmas on the beach? It’s a super chill day where everyone is chilling on the beach, eating a lot of food and relaxing with family and friends. One thing we can tell you is that if you are in a hostel… you will not be alone!

We recommend arriving in your hostel a few days earlier than the big day and that way you can start making pals. Don’t forget there’s always facetime if you wanna feel included on the fams roast dinner and don’t forget to send them at least a moonpig christmas card haha

Where to spend New Years Eve?

You’ve probably heard ALL about the opera house fireworks right?? Of course you have because they are WORLD famous and for a good reason. But if you are spending NYE in Sydney you better have a game plan.

We say get your hostel booked in advance and get down there a few days in advance to suss it all out! We’ve heard it can get a little {okay very} busy around the opera house and the bridge! But, hostel wise, check out the sydney harbour YHA as it has a rooftop with views of the opera house! We may be a little biased, but we LOVE spending NY in Byron, the main street gets closed down and theres an awesome street festival, its really local, chilled and a good time! At the end of the day, wherever you will be, all the time you have goon, good vibes and good people you’ll have a cracker!

An adventure like no other..

Don’t forget that this is also a perfect time to ask for christmas presents or some $$$ to keep your travels going….. How about seeing if your fam will club together and get you a skydive?!

Heading off to NZ or up the east coast after spending Christmas in Sydney?? Hit us up and we can create you a personalised calendar based on your dates >> yewwwwwwww.

Don’t forget our top tips for making it unforgettable:

  • Book your accomodation in advance! This is not the time for winging it
  • Get involved with the hostel events and getting chatting to other backpackers
  • If you want to see the fireworks in Sydney do your research on the perfect spot and get there early.
  • Rent a campervan and solve your accomodation worries! Hit us UP for discounted wheels… 

If the fam need Christmas Present inspo...

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There you have it! Our tips and tricks for spending Christmas and New Years Eve in Australia, you’ll have a trip of a lifetime FOR SURE, don’t forget to enjoy every moment and don’t sweat the small stuff.

I spent Christmas and New Years Eve in Byron Bay and WOW was it fun. Sammy and I were partying on Christmas Eve in true RatPack fashion and then I spent the day at the beach with my hostel friends, we prepared a huge buffet dinner and even put on a mini festival at our hostel. One to remember thats for sure!

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Our team love to eat cookies! We’ve added them to the site to improve your experience, we’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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