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What to do if the weather affects your Australia travels?

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Australia is the one when it comes to beautiful sunshine, beaches and warm temperatures…. Right? Mostly, yes, but believe it or not Australia does have seasons and can have some pretty crazy weathers. Don’t even get us started on Melbourne where there are 4 different seasons a day!

Let’s get this one out of the way, we hate to break it to you BUT it can actually rain in Australia and Northern Queensland has a wet season, where there are rainforests, there’s got to be rain!

Often in the rainy season which happens during Nov- March flooding will happen, big storms will come in and if your unlucky a cyclone could hit too. Don’t let it put you off visiting here in these months at all, it’s just good to be aware you might get some rain.

So what happens if you’ve got trips booked and a storm comes in and potentially cancels them? Read on… RatPacks gotcha back.

Crazy Cyclones

Back in 2017 there was a HUGE cyclone that unfortunately hit the Whitsundays and did some damage to the islands and the reef, because of this cyclone a lot of trips were cancelled! We know how frustrating this can be when things don’t go to plan but never fear, because every single one of our customers at RatPack that had trips cancelled because of the cyclone were given a FULL refund or the opportunity to reschedule.

We are the only travel agent that offers a full refund if your trip is cancelled due to weather conditions, unfortunately for backpackers that booked with the high street travel agents they lost out on 20% of what they paid because the high street shops take a 20% admin fee!!

What trips can be affected by the weather?

We find that skydives can often be cancelled due to high winds or other factors that make skydiving not possible! One thing we advise is, say for example you are in Byron Bay for 5 days and want to skydive here, book it for your first day, that way you still have time to reschedule in the bay if it gets cancelled.

We can even reschedule your skydive for a different location on your route if that works for you, or we can issue you will a full refund. The Whitsundays sailing trips, great barrier reef snorkelling trips and kayaking tours can get cancelled if bad weather comes in, which we reckon is for the best because you want to experience these in the best possible situation right?!

If this happens to you we can either reschedule your tour at a convenient date OR issue you with a full refund back onto your card that you paid with.

What to do if your day or overnight trip gets cancelled?

If your trip gets cancelled firstly DON’T PANIC. Things happen and not every trip goes to plan, it’s all the bumps in the road that make your adventure a real adventure. When you book a trip with us you’ll receive a pdf ticket that will have all of the information for your trip on, also on here will be the tour operators contact details and it will state that you have to reconfirm your trip 24-48 hours before.

Your tour operator will also have your details and will contact you if your trip is cancelled, you can then contact us by WhatsApp, FB message, Email or Phone us and we’ll sort your refund out straight away for you. Easy as that : )

Weather in Aussie..

We touched on before that Melbourne can see 4 seasons in a day so be prepared for your trip to Melbs, even if you are going in the summer, in the same day you could need an umbrella, a hoodie or swimmers!

The north of Queensland is pretty much beaut all year round but rainy season kicks in between Nov & March, this won’t affect your trip too much just be aware that you might experience some rain! Winter.

You might not believe it but winter does happen in Australia and happens during June – August, you’ll feel the difference in Sydney and Melbourne so plan to be in Queensland or WA in this time!

Summer is where its all about, summer is December – February and is an absolutely beauty.

Ready for the adventure?

Can you tell that the RatPack crew are mainly Brits (turned Aussies) because we LOVE a good weather chat. If you’ve booked a trip with us that does get affected by the weather just remember you’ll get a full refund from us and we are the only travel agent to do this.

Don’t forget these essentials in your backpack so you’re not affected by the rain!

  • Waterproof jacket (you can get ones that fold up REAL small)
  • Phonecase thats suitable to go under water
  • Waterproof cover for your backpack
  • Warm clothes – a hoodie won’t go a miss!

Start planning your trip...

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I hope our tips and tricks help you out with your plans for backpacking Aussie… and don’t forget, if it rains, DON’T panic, some of the best times i’ve had on Fraser island and in the rainforest are in the rain, it makes the place feel super tropical.. Embrace it and add it to one of your funny travel memories!




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Our team love to eat cookies! We’ve added them to the site to improve your experience, we’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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